The commodities traded by Baltic Fuels are biodiesel and refined products, and likewise support this industry through the provision of shipping services, including facilities within which to store and transport these products.


Through the management of storage tanks, ships, and other related assets the business has a competitive advantage and more of a connection to the areas within which business is conducted. Each regional hub is managed by local employees that know the area, and as a result of this, areas are better supported through more localized opportunity identification and exploitation.


The ability of the organization to optimally engage the market is through partnerships with companies equally as passionate. When working in the global environment the use of local employees provides comprehensive insight into the local market conditions. Baltic Fuels is focused upon taking advantage of opportunities in supply changes, with commodities being held in reserve or transit diversion being potential means of capitalizing upon such potential.


The company is privately owned, giving it more freedom of movement than a publicly traded company to take advantage of new markets and opportunities. The significant growth of the company over the prior two years underlines this reality.


Baltic Fuels goes the extra mile in providing support, extending beyond our core business of sourcing and supplying commodities to meet the needs of our clients. To better aid in their business, we have begun offering logistical transport and in addition to this finance and risk management.


Our global team has extensive experience in the oil and the broader commodity business, built on enduring customer relationships. Baltic Fuels' reputation for delivering results reliably and over the long-term is a hard-earned asset, underpinning the confidence shown by those who rely on us.

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